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EWTN's Doug Barry inviting us to the Conference!

Check out this great video from EWTN's Doug Barry, hope to see you there!

Conference rescheduled to Saturday, September 8th

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Check out this great video from Doug Barry discussing the 2018 Oahu Catholic Men's Conference! 

Hawaii Missile Threat Is A Wakeup Call! What Happens Next?

On Jan. 13th, 2018 the good people of the state of Hawaii were struck with a reality check that rocked their world. For almost 45 minutes they were under the belief that an ICBM missile was inbound to the islands. They were told to take cover. To many of them this was the real thing. Fortunately it was a false alarm but what can you and I take from this? What happens next? 

Featuring EWTN's Doug Barry from Battle Ready!

Check out this great video from Battle Ready!